Solvent Cement and Primer

PVC solvent cement, PVC Primer  PVC Glue, Weld-on Solvent cement CPVC / PVC  is equal to Xirtec solvent cement Weld on 724, 711 solvent cement, 714 CPVC solvent cement, PVC 719 heavy body cement, P70 primer clear or P70 Purple.  Specialty cements:  845 weld on repair kit,  810 repair kit, 729 CPVC heavy body cement, 724 solvent for chemical applications, 705 clear pvc solvent cement,
Super swab applicator, PVC solvent cement rollers, glue pots.  Solvent cement set cure times, PVC joint cure times, PVC solvent set times, average number of joint per solvent cement quart, pint, ½ pint  

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