Mass Transfer Packing

Jaeger Tri-Packs® Plastic Packing

Plastic Jaeger Tri-Packs® is a hollow spherical column packing constructed of a unique network of ribs, struts, and drip rods. Its geometry was totally revolutionary and unprecedented at the time of its 1978 introduction and it continues to be the packing to which all others are compared. Plastic Jaeger Tri-Packs® are distinguished from other packing by its superior geometric shape. Their spherical shape allows each element to roll into the “packed position” without forming void areas common to irregular shaped packing or those with excessive pins and appurtenances. With Jaeger Tri-Packs®, there is no need for allowances for settling and nesting is virtually impossible. The round Jaeger Tri-Packs® offers reliable and predictable loading of your tower which means reliable and predictable performance. In addition to the superior geometric shape, an active surface area is vital to mass transfer.

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