Hollow Balls

Energy-Saving Hollow Balls

You can save money, conserve energy, and reduce air and noise pollution with Fabco hollow balls. They're not only environmentally sound but they pay for themselves up to 6 times over per year. They just pour onto the surface and covering 91% in a single layer. Balls move out of the way for dipping and float back into position automatically. One layer reduces heat loss by 75% and evaporation by 87%; with two layers, reduction is 81% and 90% respectively. Hollow ball blankets are successfully used in many applications including anodizing, food processing, metal processing and finishing, sewage treatment, gas scrubbing, temperature retardation, and more.

As well, Fabco Hollow Balls control fumes and smell, reduce evaporation and foul smell with 90%, reduce loss of valuable chemicals and fluids, save 70 - 75% energy on heated tanks, and reduce oxygen uptake.

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