Acrylic/Lexan Sheet

Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheet has been considered the standard of the industry since it was first introduced more than SO years ago because of its unsurpassed quality, ease of use and wide range of colors, patterns, thickness and sizes. It is paper masked on both sides.

Lexan/Polycarbonate Sheet

The major advantages of polycarbonate plastic are breakage resistance, clarity, class I approval (under all three major model building codes), light weight, high temperature, weather resistance and ease of fabrication. It is the only glazing material that is guaranteed unbreakable and is listed by U.L. as burglar resistant. In addition to clear, Lexan is also available in film and sheet form as transparent, opaque and translucent colours, pattern surface textures, mar-resistant surface coated, glass reinforced and U.L. listed bullet resistant. Lexan also has good electrical insulation properties and low moisture absorption. Resistant to both heat and flame, polycarbonates are dimensionally stable and are generally unaffected by greases, oils and acids. Weatherability is good, but not as good as acrylics. Ultraviolet rays cause slight discolouring and embrittlement. Polyfilm masked on both sides.

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