Vertical Immersible Pumps

Penguin vertical immersible pumps are compact, portable, and self-priming when immersed. Simple in design and efficient in performance, this pump has only one moving part. Constructed completely of CPVC, polypropylene, or PVDF where in contact with the solution, this pump is suitable for pumping, agitating, filtering, or circulating acid and alkaline solutions (pH 0-14), abrasive fluids, and other corrosive solutions. Maximum temperature ratings are as follows: CPVC-180°F, polypropylene-150°F, and PVDF-260°F. Because PVDF is ultra pure, it is recommended for use in high purity deionized water, HF, and liquids that must remain contamination free. The Penguin vertical pump has a rigid, solid stainless steel, one-piece rotor drive shaft covered with a two-piece sleeve and impeller. Titanium shafts are available as an option. Because of the unique double impeller design, this pump has no seals, no pump bearings, no bushings, no wearing parts, and thus requires little maintenance. As a standard feature on our P-1/4 HP model and up, the Penguin vertical pump comes equipped with a plugged air purge in the bottom (shaft end) endbell of the motor. If utilized, this air purge requires a minimum of 5 psi to create a positive displacement, extending the life of the lower motor bearing.

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