LXT Schedule 80 Piping Systems And Fittings

Non-Contaminating PVC Material

Exceptionally Smooth Surface Characteristics

Low TOC & Chemical Extraction

Fast Particle Rinse Up

Spears® Low Extractable PVC provides a superior, cost effective alternative to conventional high purity piping system materials while providing ease of installation without jeopardizing water quality. Specially developed for ultra-pure water systems in semiconductor, electronics, university research laboratories, hospital dialysis, industrial laboratories, Federal and state police forensic laboratories and biotechnology applications, Spears® Low Extractable PVC material has been subjected to independent laboratory leach studies during both static and dynamic exposure to 18.2 meg-ohm deionized water. Tests have shown relatively low TOC, Anion/Cation and trace metal contamination levels in comparison to conventional high purity piping system materials including PVDF and Natural Polypropylenes.

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