Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Blue-White® Chem-Feed® Metering Injector Pumps

CHEM-FEED® Injectors merge high quality materials of construction and smart engineering with flexibility and value.

Because we manufacture most of the pumps’ components in our own plant, including the all ball bearing gear motor, we can offer CHEM-FEED® metering pumps with a wide range of configuration, material, voltage and feed rate options.

CHEM-FEED® metering pumps feature Blue-White’s exclusive heavy duty cartridge valve pump head. The carefully thought-out design of this pump head begins with bullet cartridge valves, which are constructed of tough PVDF plastic. Each valve has two ceramic ball checks and is double sealed with high grade Aflas o-rings. The double ball valve pump head design ensures enhanced priming capabilities, and it is exceptional for purging air and gas.

Because CHEM-FEED® has earned the reputation as the best small metering pump in the business; other manufacturers may try to confuse you by using the name CHEM-FEED®. Only Blue-White® manufactures the genuine CHEM-FEED® Metering Injector Pump.

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