Fabcograte FRP Grating: A Cost-Effective, Long-Life Solution

Fiberglass Handrails and Railing System

Corroded grating is not only unsightly but a potential safety concern. For those applications, Fabco Plastics has the solution: fiberglass grating.

Fabcograte FRP Grating provides numerous advantages over traditional galvanized steel grating. It is light weight, which allows for easy installation. The installed cost is much lower than steel and because of the long life and low maintenance expenses, fiberglass grating expenditures are significantly lower than traditional materials over the lifetime of an installation. In addition, fiberglass grating is non-sparking and non-conductive so it acts as an insulator for increased safety.

This product is available in three formulations to suit all possible applications: Orthophthalic, Isophthalic and Vinyl Ester. Orthophthatic is traditionally referred to as architectural grade and is ideal for wet and humid environments that are not exposed to chemicals.

Isophthalic is regarded as the industrial grade. Ironically enough, it is ideal for those industrial applications where the grating might be exposed to low concentrations of chemicals, waste water, or cutting fluids. It has improved corrosion resistance over the architectural grade.

Finally, the Vinylester resin is the chemical grade and has the highest level of corrosin resistance. It is designed for environments containing harsh chemicals—suitable for chemical plants, municipal water treatment plants, pulp and paper plants and oil refineries.

All grating is available in fire retardant or non-fire retardant formulations. Building code requirements will determine if your application requires a fire retardant resin. All grating is also available with or without a grit top. If the grating is expected to have pedestrian traffic, then grit top grating is recommended. The grit top is created by injecting small silica particles into the resin at the top of the grating to ensure the grating is not slick when wet.

It is also possible to create an entire elevated walkway out of fiberglass. Fabco offers railing components, stairways, and structural components to complement the grating line. Structural components are available in the form of sheet, I-beams, wide flange beams, C-channels, equal leg angles, round tube and square tube.

So if you are looking for a corrosion-resistant grating system that is long-lasting and will have a quality appearance for many years, contact Fabco Plastics to learn more about our extensive line of Fabcograte grating and structural shapes.


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