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A deionized water cooling filtration system

Typical OEM systems in which Fabco Plastics is able to provide expertise include the manufacturing of packaged skid systems in the technology of heat recovery, waste water, water purification (including deionized), reverse osmosis, and distilled water purification. Within those systems, control, measurement, filtration, storage and conveyance play a prominent role in this type of OEM manufacturer.

Fabco Plastics has worked extensively with various OEM manufacturers of water treatment and chemical processing packaged systems and has provided confident expertise, components and solutions to satisfy their ongoing requirements. By aligning with many notable vendor partners, we're able to review an engineered process drawing or an OEM's idea in order to help them achieve their goals.

Throughout 54 years of operations, Fabco Plastics has established and developed important alliances with many top vendors who have a wide variety of products that OEM customers need. Examples include the following:

Blue White variable area flow meters for flow measurement

Although simplistic in its functionality and design, this particular design performs effectively in the right application and can offer many advantages over more of its technically advanced expensive counterparts. Due to their dependability and cost effectiveness, the Blue White variable area flowmeters have become more of a standard for manufacturers of water treatment systems.

Hayward Flow Control Products

These have become a standard of many OEM manufacturers for the supply of pressure gauges, and both manual and actuated valve components. Hayward diaphragm valves are often utilized for the controlling of fluids. Not only do they offer the flexibility of being installed in any position, they are ideal for flow control with the design of a variable and precise opening for throttling by controlling the pressure drop through the valve. They are available in a many sizes ranging from 1/2" to 10" and in various materials including PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene and PVDF. You have a choice of FPM, EPDM and PTFE diaphragms.

Hayward Ball Valves

Hayward Ball Valves are a choice primarily used for the isolation and shutoff of fluid streams. Available in PVC, CPVC from ½" to 4" in full port design, Hayward ball valves are equipped with reversible PTFE seats, double O-ring seals and are easily actuated. Electric and pneumatic options are available.

PVC/CPVC sch40/80 Piping and Fittings

Royal Building Products and GF/Harvel have been long partners in the supply of all areas of our business especially with OEMs. PVC/CPVC pipe products are an ideal choice for Pressure and Non-pressure applications offering durability, chemical resistance when required and a simple cost effective method of installation in comparison to its metal counterparts. The likes of Chemkor, Spears, Nibco have also played a major role for providing fittings solutions for the many complex packaged systems that Fabco Plastics has supplied.

Storage for Water and Chemical Applications

Storage solutions—whether the system calls for closed top, conical bottom, or open top configuration—are available in a variety of HDPE materials that will often require a wide range of connections, access ports and accessories.

Fabco is often challenged as to how and where the storage tank will be situated on a packaged skid system. Through consulting and the knowledge of the customers' engineering and design team, Fabco Plastics will provide the storage solution best suitable for the application.

Manufacturers such as Snyder, RTS and many others have been instrumental in offering solutions to a wide range of systems.

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