Engineered Skid system

Chem-Feed Engineering Skid Systems were designed and engineered using solid modeling tools for superior piping installation and easy component maintenance. Custom engineered universal mounting blocks and pre-machined mounting slots provide for easy component servicing and replacement. Lightweight for wall of floor mounting. Each factory built and tested system includes the following standard components:
* Pressure Relief Valve: Protects the system from over-pressurization, 5-100 psi setting range, 150 psi maximum system pressure
* Check Valve: Protects the user from back-flow during pump maintenance
* Flow Indicator: Provides a visual indication of chemical movement through the system

The Following Optional components are available for specification
* Inlet Y Strainer: Recommended for Diaphragm Pump systems
* Calibration Cylinder: Confirm pump output under system conditions. Specify cylinder volumes from 1.6 GPH to 32 GPH
* Pulsation Dampener: Protect the system components from pulsation. Recommended for diaphragm pump systems.
* Pressure Gauge with Guard: Isolate and protect the system pressure gauge. Specify pressure ranges from 0-30 psi, 0-100psi or 0-200psi
* Chem-Sensor S6: Provides 4-20mA and pulse output data to SCADA and to the pump to verify chemical movement through the system.
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