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PVC and CPVC Shapes and Profiles

PVC/CPVC Shapes and Profiles

Fabco has a wide variety of PVC and CPVC shapes and profiles available for your machineing and fabricating needs.  Please contact customer service for more information.

PVC Hollow Bar - 1.625" to 8.625"

PVC Square Bar - 1/2" to 2"

CPVC Hollow Bar - 1.625" to 6.625"

PVC Angle - 1" to 2"

PVC Hexagonal Bar - 7/16" to 2"

PVC Rectangular Bar - 1/2" x 3/4"

CPVC Solid Round Rod - 1/2" to 6" All the above PVC shapes are Type I Grade I.  NSF accepted compounds are used in the manufacture of PVC or CPVC solid round, hex, hollow, square, and rectangular bar, as well as duct and solid PVC angle.  PVC round bar and PVC hollow bar meet L–P 1036 (A). Contact.  factory for availability of minimum run requirements for sizes of CPVC shapes not shown as stocked.

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